About Us​

Our organizations was founded 2010 by migrants living in the Czech Republic with the purpose to promote and develop mutual adaptation and communication between migrants, and host society and promoting a healthy, harmonious and filled life at the international, national, community, family and individual level. Read More

Our Activities

Integration of migrants

Integration of migrants into Czech society through their involvement in volunteering.

Involvement of migrants in volunteer, charitable, municipal and similar activities.


Consulting services and preparation of comprehensive programs of social adaptation, integration and personal development for state and non-state organizations and for individuals.

Providing and arranging free legal and advisory assistance to members of the association

Activities and clubs

Organization of interesting activities and hobby clubs independently and in cooperation with other organizations.

Increasing the social activity of foreigners, living in the Czech Republic for a long time.

International projects

Создание международной сети контактов, организация международных проектов, обменов, стажировок и т.д. Сотрудничество с местными, благотворительными и культурными организациями, государственными органами и органами самоуправления и другими субъектами в Чешской Республике и за рубежом

Courses and trainings

Organization and holding of courses, lectures, workshops, seminars, trainings, exhibitions, and other events. Prevention of social isolation of disadvantaged groups (housewives, children, students, seniors and others).

Social and health adaptation

Research in the field of social and health adaptation of foreigners, especially more sensitive groups (incl. Housewives, children, students, seniors and others).

Support for mutual adaptation and communication of people in an intercultural environment.

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