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The new educational and cultural project “MOVEMENT” explores the fact that emigration and immigration are two sides of the same story. The MOVEMENT presents a series of parallel stories of immigrant women connected by common life themes. The project emphasizes our common humanity and interconnectedness, going beyond nationality, ethnicity and religion; however, he drew attention to the discrimination and double standards faced by migrants in different countries.


The goal of the project is to break the rhetoric of polarization so typical today and to jointly create a new future of Unity in Diversity, inspired by the basic fact that we are all first and foremost human.


“When we talk about migration in Europe or the Czech Republic in everyday life, we often forget that immigration and emigration are two sides of the same story, two directions of the same process. In memory of this, we present to you the stories of inspiring women from among the hundreds of thousands of Czechs living abroad and foreign women who immigrated to the Czech Republic from all over the world. Their experiences were often parallel: on the one hand, migration helped to strengthen and realize their own potential, but at the same time it was sometimes associated with loneliness or discrimination. We believe that getting to know the diverse but at the same time very similar experiences of migrant women living in the Czech Republic and Czech women abroad can help to mutual understanding and unite the whole society.”


Elena Tulupova, Chairperson of the Agency for Migration and Adaptation AMIGA, z.s.



On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021, the first phase of the project was launched, which includes the presentation of parallel stories of e/immigrant women, as well as student art competitions and school master classes to promote diversity and inclusion in secondary schools. On May 25, 2021, the 2nd stage will begin – an international exhibition of portraits and stories of parallel lives and a light show. This new project is being implemented by the Irish women’s organisation Herstory in partnership with Ireland’s first migrant women’s organisation AkiDwA and member organisations of the Anna Lindh Foundation: the Jerusalem Women’s Centre (Palestine), APIS Institute (Slovenia), Charisma Arts for Development (Egypt) and the Migration and Adaptation Agency AMIGA, z.s. (Czech Republic).

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