“Volunteers with an accent – helping elderly and building the civil society” (2010-2022)

Involving migrant volunteers in social life and involving them in joint leisure activities in the Prague 2 district

The pilot project, which we implemented together with the Social Services Centre Prague 2, consisted in the search by volunteers from among migrants who have been living in the Czech Republic for a long time or permanently and their direct involvement in social life, and to conduct joint leisure activities with the elderly and the public of the Prague 2 district.

The project was funded by a grant from the Municipality of Prague 2 (2917/2011: 49/2011/OH) and lasted until the end of March 2013.


The main activity of the project is to hold regular events and one-time cultural, educational and sports events in the Prague 2 district (mainly with elderly people – clients of CSS P-2) and volunteers from the ranks of migrants. Regular volunteer activities complemented the already existing programs of the Active Aging Club and the Merry Senier Club: as an example of additional education, we can name, in particular, English language training for beginners.

In the premises of the gym “KAS” at Záhřebská 15, sports and recreational activities were held: health gymnastics on chairs with a physiotherapist, breathing yoga and yoga of the elderly up to 65 years.

In the premises of the CAS, monthly classes of the needlework workshop were held, where it was possible to master the practical skills of working in various artistic techniques (felting from wool, knitting, decoupage, batik).



Also, the volunteers of our organization during the summer holidays replaced the lecturers of recreational physical education in the nursing home (CSSP2 v Máchově 14).

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