Support to Ukrainian refugees with disabilities

Name of the donor: International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Project name: Support to Ukrainian refugees with disabilities

The main goal of this project is to provide support for disadvantaged refugees from Ukraine who are unable to work due to their disability, with a focus on those with serious physical and mental disabilities. The project aims to alleviate the financial strain on these individuals and their families by piloting a cash-based support program and providing winterization non-food items.

The project also seeks to aid refugees in navigating the Czech healthcare system by providing information and support, and to strengthen the resilience of their caregivers. Additionally, the project aims to connect and support NGOs helping refugees from Ukraine, to inform them about available support mechanisms and services for disabled people.

The pilot project will help clarify the needs of disabled refugees, which will help provide better services and support advocacy efforts aiming to improve the system of state support for refugees with disabilities.

Duration of the project: 1.12.2022-31.3.2023


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